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Customs Agency Mariv Consult Ltd. was established in 2004.  The company and its team are long experienced in the sphere of customs services. It is licensed customs agent 00346-02 / 27.04.2004. We offer full customs presentation for your goods, passing through the customs offices on the territory of the town of Plovdiv. We offer preparation of all kinds of customs declarations and CMR, TIR – transport documents, EUR 1, ATR certificates and declarations. Online submission of customs documents. Consultations related to import-export procedures and customs operations and destinations.

The scope of activity of the agency is related mainly with goods and freight processing, stored and passing through Duty Free Zone in the town of Plovdiv. 


We offer the following services:

1. Preparation of all customs and shipping documents, EUR 1, ATR certificates and declarations.

2. Customs agency for receiving customs movement of goods:

- Manifesting and putting goods under customs procedures /import – release for free circulation, transit, customs storing, inward processing, customs control processing, temporary importation, outward processing, export/ ;

- Placing of goods to a free zone or free warehouse;

- Re-exportation

- Requesting a permission for using of simplified procedures for declaring, prolongation of deadlines under favorable tariffs, movement of goods to another location under customs control, opening and management of customs warehouse, duty free import access, etc.

- Destruction of goods

3. Online submission of customs documents.

4. Advice on import-export operations.

5. Assistance for issuing of: statements for dual use of goods from MI; certificate of origin; vet certificate; health certificate; phytosanitary certificate.

6. Correspondence with Customs Agency.

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